We specialize in the production of knit fabrics.

We have built our leadership position over the last 30 years, gaining experience on the Polish market and with many foreign business partners. Two production plants (Łódź, Złoczew), a head office, a sales department with warehouses in Łódź, standardization of the manufacturing process and customer focus have all helped us achieve a decisive competitive advantage.

We produce the highest quality cotton, polyester, mixed composition and organic fabrics.

  • BW tracksuit and combed knit fabrics with the weight of 200-400 g/m2
  • Single jersey (single) knit fabric weighing 100-240 g/m2
  • Single jersey knit fabric with elastane
  • Double jersey knit fabrics (interlock) weighing 150-240 g/m2
  • Double jersey knit fabrics with elastane
  • LACOSTE type (Piqué) knit fabrics weighing 150-240 g/m2
  • LACOSTE type knit fabric with elastane
  • LAMÉ and LUNA type knit fabrics weighing 260 g/m2
  • Looper terrycloth type knit fabric weighing 230 g/m2
  • Sheared, looped and bedding terry, and velvet
  • Printed terry
  • Polar (sherpa or fleece)
  • Printed polar
  • Various single jersey strips weighing 180 g/m2
  • Viscose, viscose with elastane
  • Printed viscose
  • Knitwear welt
  • Collars, pleats
  • Anti-static knitwear
  • Non-flammable knitwear
  • Vat-dyed knitwear

In connection with the implementation of a project co-financed by EU funds and the state budget as part of the programme:
Economy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Łódź Province’s Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013.


“Innovative production technologies of multi-structured and multi-component knit fabrics in the MIRWAL company in Łódź.”

We have introduced a new type of knitwear to our production:

  • Lamé – made of 100% polyester, this is a fur knit fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Mainly used for women’s bathrobes, blankets and baby blankets.
  • Polar – made of 100% polyester, this is a knit fabric characterized by good thermal insulation and hydrophobicity.
  • Single jersey knit fabric woven from colourful yarn with an unlimited report along its length, in up to 6 colours, with or without lycra – stripes
  • Single jersey knit fabric with lycra in the cut (avoiding creases)
Information about co-financing

We offer a wide range of cotton, mixed, polyester, blended and organic knit fabrics with the following certificate:

Oeko-Tex Standart 100

We make knitwear in any color according to Pantone color chart.
We finish all knitted fabrics in the cut (on the shaft) or in the sack (sheet).


Feel free to watch a few films that describe our production.

Mirwal – the Manufacturer of Polar – the episode entitled “Under the magnifying glass”
How polar is made – a Fokus TV production

Manufacturer of knitwear
promotional film

Participation in the Trade Fair in Ptak

Manufacturer of knitwear
promotional film

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